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31pcs Underwater Waterproof Case Diving Housing Frame Anti-fog Insert Adapters for Gopro Hero 7 White Silver
Waterproof Case:
1. There are no dark corners in the photographic video (there will be a large dark corner around the photographs taken using the previous five generations of waterproof shells).
2. The lenses of the waterproof shell are made of tempered glass. The strength of tempered glass is several times higher than that of ordinary glass, and it is bending resistant.
3. The increase of its carrying capacity improves the fragility, and even the damage of tempered glass is small fragments without sharp angle, which greatly reduces the damage to human body.
4. The quench and heat resistance of tempered glass is 3 to 5 times higher than that of ordinary glass, and it can generally withstand the temperature difference of more than 250 degrees, which has obvious effect on preventing thermal cracking.
5. The key screw of the waterproof shell is made of 316 stainless steel, which can resist the erosion of ocean and corrosive industrial atmosphere. It has good oxidation resistance and heat resistance.
6. The depth of waterproof shell of waterproof shell is 30m, which satisfies the user's diving requirement. (Normal people dive at 10m-20m, deep diving: 30m)

Lens Material: Tempered Glass AFAR Double-layer Optical Coating
Shell Material: High Translucent Acrylic

1. The frame is made of PC glue and the surface is treated with oil injection. It feels very good.
2. The recorder with microphone on the side of the frame will not affect the effect when recording. At the same time, it have an opening on the side to charge the camera directly without disassembling the edge. It can be used while charging.

Silicone Cover:
1. The silica gel sleeve is made of PC soft rubber, which has very good flexibility. The use of the silicone sleeve will not be affected by any twisting.
2. The camera fits perfectly. The lens cap is also a soft paint that does not scratch the lens of the camera. Protect your camera more appropriately.

Tempered Glass Film:
1. The tempered glass film has been tempered for 9 hours.
2. Hardness is high, scratch with metal things will not have traces, tempered glass film has automatic bonding function, placed on the camera screen will automatically stick up.
3. Tempered glass film is pasted on the screen, which can protect the screen from scratching when you go out to use the camera.

Anti-fog Insert:
1. Antifogging inserts are used with waterproof shells. When the waterproof shell is in use, the camera will generate fog. The fog in the lens of the waterproof shell will affect the shooting effect of the camera, resulting in fog or unclear photos or videos.
2. Inside the waterproof shell, put several anti-fog inserts. The anti-fog inserts can absorb the fog water in the waterproof shell so that the photographs or videos taken will not be affected.
3. Antifogging inserts can be recycled for 2 to 3 times and then dried in microwave oven or sun-dried for reuse.

Flat Arc Adhesive + Base 8 sets:
1. Flat adhesive base can be attached to flat areas to use, such as tables, glass, car roofs, walls, stickers and fixtures to select your shooting angle position.
2. The Arc adhesive base can be attached to some very special places, such as motorcycle helmet, bicycle helmet, car side glass, radial surface to fix the camera shooting angle.

1. The bottom of the adapter is a strong clamp with 1/4 nuts to connect self-timer tripod sucker with platform with 1/4 screw.
2. The top is a two-foot plate which can directly connect the waterproof shell frame of the camera for easy conversion.

Bottom Base Bipod Edition (Section 2) Hose:
1. The length of the two sections is very stable. They can be fixed in the direction of 360 degree camera shooting. They can be fixed in the chest strap, shoulder strap, wrist strap, dog strap to improve the stability of camera shooting angle and will not be affected.
2. They can also be used in some auxiliary accessories such as the sucker of the clamping plate of the backpack.

Bottom Base 1/4 Screw (Section 4) Hose:
1. The top of the product uses 1/4 screw to link all kinds of cameras.
2. The length of 13cm will not shake during use, which achieves the stable effect of image shooting.
3. The bottom base can be used in conjunction with a strong chuck sucker on a bicycle scooter. The stability of the base is very good.
4. 1/4 screw can also be connected to a variety of digital cameras, such as: for SJ, for Xiaomi yi, for Sony, for Canon and other portable digital cameras, and some outdoor sports.

Net weight: 430g
Packing weight: 433g
Packaging size: 22cm*19.5cm/8.66*7.67''

Please allow 1-3mm differs due to manual measurement.
Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not show the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understanding.

Package Content:

1 x Waterproof Case
1 x Bottom Base 1/4 Screw (Section 4) Hose
1 x Adapter
1 x Frame
1 x Silicone Cover
2 x Battery Boxes
1 x Tempered Glass Film
1 x Aircraft Screw
1 x Flat Arc Adhesive + Base 8 sets
12 x Anti-fog Inserts

31pcs Waterproof Case Diving Frame Adapters for Gopro Hero 7 White Silver
31pcs Waterproof Case Diving Frame Adapters for Gopro Hero 7 White Silver
31pcs Waterproof Case Diving Frame Adapters for Gopro Hero 7 White Silver
31pcs Waterproof Case Diving Frame Adapters for Gopro Hero 7 White Silver
31pcs Waterproof Case Diving Frame Adapters for Gopro Hero 7 White Silver
31pcs Waterproof Case Diving Frame Adapters for Gopro Hero 7 White Silver

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