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Compatibility: 2008-2013 B.M.W. 128i 3.0L2008-2013 B.M.W. 135i 3.0L2001-2005 B.M.W. 325i 2.5L2006 B.M.W. 325i 3.0L2012-2013 B.M.W. 328i 2.0L2000 B.M.W. 328i 2.8L2007-2013 B.M.W. 328i 3.0L2012-2013 B.M.W. 328i xDrive 3.0L2012-2013 B.M.W. 335i 3.0L2006-2007 B.M.W. 525i 3.0L2006-2007 B.M.W. 525xi 3.0L2008-2011 B.M.W. 528i 3.0L2009-2010 B.M.W. 528i xDrive 3.0L2008 B.M.W. 528xi 3.0L2006-2007 B.M.W. 530i 3.0L2006-2007 B.M.W. 530xi 3.0L2010-2012 B.M.W. 535i 3.0L2010-2013 B.M.W. 740i 3.0L2007-2013 B.M.W. X3 3.0L2007-2013 B.M.W. X5 3.0L2011-2013 B.M.W. X6 3.0L

  • Camshaft timing oil control valve VVT solenoid perfectly fits for 01-13 B.M.W. and more.
  • Manufacturer part number: 11367585425.
  • Adjusts camshaft timing for optimal engine performance.
  • Well packed, made with high quality, durable to use.

Package Includes
  • 2 x Engine Variable New VVT Timing Control Valve Solenoid

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