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Store as much digital content as possible! This 128GB High Capacity TF Memory Card offers you a large storage space for all your games, pictures, music, videos and data files and more. Thus you can carry it around to transfer all of your favorite files between multiple devices. Don't worry about running out of space with this card′s 128GB capacity.

  • 128GB High Capacity TF Memory Card is in new condition
  • It is one of the smallest formats available in consumer electronics
  • This card expands memory capacity for mobile phones or any other devices of a TF card slot
  • Low battery consumption
  • Non-volatile solid-state, data is not lost when power is turned off
  • Security level complies with both current and future security digital music
  • Initiative (SDMI) portable device requirements
  • Low battery consumption to maximize battery life in small portable devices

Package Includes
  • 1 x 128GB High Capacity Micro SD/TF Memory Card

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